Some Assembly Required

Book Binge

Under lock and key: Wild by Cheryl Strayed; Some Assembly Required by Anne Lamott with Sam Lamott; and People magazine’s latest issue. Promised myself I wouldn’t crack any of ’em until I finished my article assignments. Then I’m planning a massive reading binge. I hid the books and the magazine in my backpack, zipped it up, and shoved the backpack in the closet. That plan backfired. For the next three nights, I was up ’til some ridiculous hour in fits of anxiety. When deadlines loom, I get insomnia. Reading calms me down. Sunday night I cracked. Retrieved Some Assembly Required from the closet. Read for an hour (excellent so far) and slept like a baby. I’ve peeked at a couple of pages since, but for the most part I’ve been able to resist. Turned in the assignments. Got feedback. Working on revisions today. Tomorrow I’ll read, read, read before starting my next assignment (on insomnia of all topics). Let the book binge begin.