300 Items

Wedding band.
Hard copy of Holy Bible.
Contact lenses.
2 cereal bowls.

If I could own no more than 300 items, these are a few things that would make the cut (not necessarily in that order). Items that wouldn’t make the cut:

Bed frame.
High heels.
Golf clubs.
Floor lamp.
Old yearbooks.

The Big Tiny

In her book The Big Tiny, Dee Williams sold her 3 bedroom house and moved into an 84-square-foot space. She had room to keep about 300 items. Everything else she sold, donated, or tossed. Ever since I finished reading the book, I’ve wandered around our place picking up random objects and asking: Is this one of my 300 items?

I love the idea of lightening my load, paring back, downsizing. The book made me think of the passage in the Bible when Christ sent out 70 disciples ahead of Him to prepare cities for His upcoming visit. He told them to take no money belt, no bag, and no shoes. Huh? Cash, my backpack, and my trail running shoes would absolutely be on my “to keep” list.

I wonder: Do I trust my “stuff” … or God? The other day a woman asked me to open my left hand and look at my palm. “See the M,” she asked. Yep. “M stands for Maker. Let go of what you’re holding onto so tightly and see what God, your Maker, puts in your hand.” When I cling so dearly to my stuff, there is no room to receive what God may give.


4 Responses to 300 Items

  • Michelle says:

    We are in the process of moving into an apartment. I thought I’d let it all go the last time we moved, but there is still so much that we do not love/use that will not be coming with us. It feels so clean to pare even further down. There is a small sense of loss, but freedom in the letting go.

  • jenny says:

    I thought the same thing when we moved a few years ago. Hope your transition to your new place goes well.

  • Terry Dear says:

    Jenny-It is so weird that I just read your blog post……I just finished a book by Lisa Sampson called Quaker Summer and the lead character spends a good portion of the book examining her need to acquire/have “things” and then putting colored dots on all her possessions to find the ones that are really the ones that are important. If you can’t find the book, I will save it until I see you next summer. 🙂

  • jenny says:

    Terry, good to hear from you here 🙂 I’ll look up the book. I love the dots idea…

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