Three Books

Enjoyed any good books lately?

Here’s what I just read:

Girl Meets God

A fascinating memoir by Lauren Winner about her spiritual journey. My favorite quote: “God is a novelist. He uses all sorts of literary devices: alliteration, assonance, rhyme, synecdoche, onomatopoeia. But of all these, his favorite is foreshadowing.”

Here is what I’m currently reading:

The Kick-Ass Writer

I almost didn’t buy this book because of the title. I’ve let cuss words fly a bit too much lately. I never used to swear. What happened? Garbage in, garbage out, the Good Book says (paraphrased). To break my bad habit, I’ve been trying to steer clear of profane language. Not easy—it’s everywhere. Even on Christmas cards, I’m sad to say. (I went to a stationary store yesterday and I couldn’t believe how many holiday cards used the f-word. Whatever happened to Peace on Earth?) Anyway, the intro to this book warns the reader: “Mind the language; it gets a bit naughty.” Alas, I made an exception to my rule. Wendig is funny, and he has some decent writing advice.

Here’s what I’m about to read:

The Lemon Tree


My book club picked this book for next month. I plan to read it over Thanksgiving weekend.

OK, your turn.

What have you just read?
What are you currently reading?
What are you about to read?


4 Responses to Three Books

  • kario says:

    Just finished (and reviewed) “I Am Troy Davis” by Jen Marlowe – excellent and heartwrenching book. Highly recommended. Currently reading Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly” and taking copious notes and forcing myself to finish that before I dive headfirst into Anne Lamott’s “Stitches.” Heee! Life is good!

  • Jenny says:

    You always have good recommendations, Kari. I’ll check them out, thank you.

  • Kristie Martin Sheltra says:

    I just read The Kitchen Help and also Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet.
    (Which I adored!) The Kitchen Help was somewhat grim, but I enjoyed the depth of the characters.
    I’m currently reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.
    Next, I’m not sure! Maybe one of Jenny’s recommendations!

  • jenny says:


    I cannot believe I haven’t read Unbroken yet. I have to read it before the movie comes out. And I’ll look into the other books you mentioned too. Thanks for sharing.

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