Sunday Night Dinner Conversation

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If pigs are given space, they’ll sleep in a clean area, but if they’re confined, they’ll sleep in their poo.

“At times, humans are like a pig in poo,” my friend Lindsay mused.

“How so?” I asked.

“We feel warm and cozy in the muck. We know it would be better for us if we left the muck, cleaned up, and moved to a healthier place. But change is hard . . .  and scary. It’s easy to stay stuck in the poo. We tell ourselves the same story over and over, and that sad tale becomes the narrative of our lives.”

I’ve been thinking about the pig in poo all week. What areas of my life need to be cleaned up? What mental and emotional confines have I locked myself into? What narrative have I made myself believe? Is it time to make a change? I really like the pig in poo story. So I thought I’d share it.


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  • kario says:

    This has been quite a recurring theme for me this week – those stories we tell ourselves and how they become self-fulfilling prophecies. And it’s amazing, in this analogy, how the ‘confining’ is done by ourselves to ourselves.

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